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PEB, Pierre Bellocq, has chronicled racing for over a half century with sketches, cartoons, caricatures and of course the coveted covers of the Daily Racing Form--no other sport has ever had such definitive artistic coverage. He has captured the history of racing in both its celebratory events and social/poetical movement with a sharp eye and deft skill. No ranking jockey or owner has escaped his pen.  Please visit our VIRTUAL MUSEUM or our GIFT SHOP to see a variety of his work including an entire section on HARNESS RACING .
Most recently PEB has found enjoyment in painting large murals.  Among them are two chronicling Kentucky Derby winning jockeys and trainers each stretching 60 feet in length at Churchill Downs.

is has also finished a huge mural depicting the famed history of the Del Mar Race Course in celebration of its 70th birthday. What salute to Del Mar would be complete without “The Schnozz,” Jimmy Durante, as well as comedy kings W. C. Fields and Red Skelton and the suave, malevolent “gangster” George Raft?

Among horse race figures of the past are jockeys Johnny Longden, Laffit Pincay, Jr., Bill Shoemaker, Chris McCarron, Eddie Delahoussaye, George Woolf, Jerry Lambert ,and Ralph Neves. Mike Smith, Alex Solis, and Kent Desormeaux form a more recent vintage. Trainers include father-and-son Farrell and Gary Jones, Tom Smith of Seabiscuit fame, Buster Millerick, Ed Gregson, Bob Baffert, Ron McAnally, Charlie Whittingham, Robert Frankel, Jack Van Berg, Neil Drysdale, and Richard Mandella.

Among the other major racetrack figures are C.S. Howard, E.B. Johnston, Clement Hirsch, John and Betty Mabee, Rex Ellsworth, Robert and Beverly Lewis, Sid and Jenny Craig, and Allen Paulson.

To see it please CLICK HERE. It comes with a key.

Another public mural, named The “Canvas of Stars”, is in place at Gallagher’s Steak House in NYC. Commissioned by owner Marlene Brody, it depicts famous people of sport, politics and entertainment who have enjoyed the famous restaurant over the years.  The celebrities include John F. Kennedy, Babe Ruth, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Palmer, LeRoy Neiman, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Princess Grace of Monaco, Bill Clinton, Matthew Broderick and many others. Among the more exotic is Josephine Baker complete with her bananas! It is fun and a challenge to see how many celebrities you can identify To interact with it, please CLICK HERE.  There is a KEY if you have “an identity crisis”.

“Mrs. Brody had seen the mural I had done at Churchill Downs, and thought that something similar could be done at Gallagher’s – using celebrities from every decade since the 1920s who had been loyal customers,” said PEB .  


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MURALS: We have a fascinating pictorial history of PEB's "muraling". Please click on the 's below to see details.

1960 AQUEDUCT 36’ x 7’ Mural
Depicting the New York Racing Scene from 1900-1960


1976 AQUEDUCT – KELSO ROOM Ten 10’x 10’ Panel Murals
Highlights of ten years of racing at Aqueduct
A Comic History of the Standardbred in America
Sixty Modesty Panels Trackside Restaurant
CLICK TO SEE1982-83 ARLINGTON PARK Eleven 10’ x 10’ Panel Murals
Depicting the History of Chicago Racing from the Civil War to 1982
CLICK TO SEE1986-87 OAKLAWN PARK Fifteen Panels and One Mural
Mural Decoration of Restaurant, Club Members, Paddock and Elevator Areas
CLICK TO SEE2000 BELMONT PARK 100’ x 7’ on Canvas*
Depicting a Century of New York Racing 1900-2000*

Please click to see the new CHURCHILL DOWNS MURAL - both the work in progress and the "Key".
Profiling winning jockeys from the Derby’s inception in 1874 through 2004 **

* (Includes the Transfer of the Original Aqueduct Mural
Peb has a contract with NYRA which would enable for him to publish a book based on this mural. Such a book is under consideration at this time.

** A special unveiling ceremony celebrating this mural will be held at Churchill Downs on opening day of the 2005 Spring Meet. There is current interest in the production of a book to accompany this mural.

228 W. 52th St.New York, NY 10019



1979 ROOSEVELT RACEWAY Stained Glass Windows
Depicting eleven top drivers



Courses de France by Godolphin Darley and others with illustrations by PEB (Pierre Bellocq, Eugéne Leliépvte, Clairefond-Russac and Yngve. Copyright 1950 by Henri DupuyLes Courses Dévoilées by Jean Trarieux with cover illustration and inside caricatures by PEB. Copyright 1952 (This book is presently on display at the National Museum of Racing as part of Peb’s retrospective).Peb’s Equine Comedy: 150 hilarious cartoons of horses…and their, alas poor human fans from The Morning Telegraph and Daily Racing Form, published by Random House, Inc and Copyright, 1955, 1956, 1957 by Triangle Publications, Inc.CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOPPatients and Ponies by M. Murray Nierman M.D. with an introduction by RED SMITH and illustrations by PEB, published by Random House, Inc. Copyright 1960. “Physician heal thyself,” I mumbled, and went out to Belmont Park.
CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOPPEB’71- A Portfolio of 100 Caricatures and Cartoons in Limited Edition presenting the Racing Personalities from the 50’s to the 70’s.

Secretariat and Riva Ridge-A Portfolio reassembling the entire collection of Peb’s cartons published in The Daily Racing Form. A Limited Edition, numbered from 1 to 30 and signed by the artist. This portfolio is available in the Gift Shop.CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOP

Della Parte del Cavallo by Giorgio Martinelli with many illustrations by PEB. In Italian. Guida alla cultura e alla psicologia del mondo equino. Published in Milano, Italy by SugarCo Edizioni S.R.L. 1977 The Keeneland Years: Copyright 1998 by Pierre Bellocq, published by Keeneland Association. The history and excitement of Keeneland colorfully captured in 56 oversize pages of sketch and caricature.CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOPPeb at Keeneland, manufactured by A. Horowitz & Sons/Bookbinders. The 100 Deluxe and signed copies are bound in Genuine Leather and Record Buckram Natural finish with text and illustrations silk screened on Curtis Flannel white paper. The 500 special edition copies are bound in bounded leather and Kingston Natural finish cloth with text and illustration silk screened on Kilmory Ivory paper. End papers and dividers are Curtis Flannel Dark Green. An anthology of incomparable Peb sketches highlighting Keeneland racing and sales during the Golden Years 1936-1986. Copyrighted by Peb and the Daily Racing Form.Forty Years of Peb, The Racing World in Sketch and Caricature: Forward by Guy Thibault, detailed introduction by Peb and 185 pages of equine cartoons, caricatures, political issues and racing history. Copyright 1995 by Pierre Bellocq, published by Daily Racing Form Press. This book is available in the Gift Shop.CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOPThrough The Pages of Daily Racing Form 100th Anniversary by John McEvoy with illustrations by Peb. Copyright 1995 by Daily Racing Form Press, a division of Daily Racing Form, Inc. 101 pages of selected text from the Daily Racing Form with each selection accompanied by a unique sketch by Peb.CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOP

Stars of the Turf 50th Anniversary Collectors Portfolio featuring 23 exclusive prints of racing's most legendary figures. A Limited Edition boxed leather set in fifty copies, sealed and signed by the artist. Peb does a sketch as requested by each purchaser of these sets. Published by Daily Racing Form, Copyright 2004.This portfolio is available in the Gift Shop.CLICK TO VISIT GIFT SHOP


Bust of Charles De Gaulle