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Happy Sundays!
Sunday March 13, 2011 1:00 PM

A great joy for me has always been to drive a car long distance. Last week was one of these moments: I had reached Aiken,SC from Princeton, NJ, my car filled with freshly done artworks ( including the last one :A commissioned caricature in color of Chantal Sutherland)
The exhibit at the Museum was excellent, with many people attending, and what a delightful feeling it was to be surrounded by gracious and elegant southerners visibly enjoying my work.
Dione, Lisa, Mary Jane and of course Monica made my stay so pleasant and rewarding that I was sorry to leave so soon...
Heard on the way back that Chantal had just won the "Big Cap". Wait until she sees herself with the big smile I drew on her face...before her win!

preparation to a new big Mural!
Saturday March 12, 2011 9:40 PM

That's it: the canvas has been stretched on the wall: 30 feet long by 6 feet high. It's always a little intimidating to look at its huge white surface, although this one will be the seventh!
I should tell you this work is being planned as a commission for the New York Racing Association to illustrate the "First Decade of Racing of the 21st Century" It will complement the original 100 feet Mural that was unveiled in year 2000 at Belmont Park.
I am planning to include all the new faces in Racing today: New York Owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys, and of course, as many prominent women as possible. There will be around one hundred people represented in this work!
As you can easily imagine I am pretty excited right now getting this project under way!

Thanks very much, my friends!
Saturday March 12, 2011 12:27 PM

So this is the very first time I am using this space to write a few notes in the shape of a BLOG, as it is called today!
It should be said first of all that I am not at all familiar with the technique and if this thing happened to be a successful way to express myself, it will be due to the extremely patient and totally devoted friends, my "double M migrators" Marcelo and Monica, both incredible tutors. Last weekend, I caught them in South Carolina, where the magnolias are starting to bloom already, and the sun is warm enough for the two birds to enjoy..But soon enough, they will fly north to another equus world.
So I am now ready to enter this new world of Blogland with a brand new name: PeBlog!

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